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Green Warriors 2021


At Green Is The New Black we get to meet some seriously inspiring people. People who are changing the world with their everyday actions. We strongly believe that every little bit counts which is why we are always banging on about #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously. Meet this years Green Warriors, an environmental award series and photo exhibit.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the fourth annual list of Green Warriors. This list is full of people from all walks of life. Social media activists, to NGO founders. DJs to architects. Humans working at the international level, to those working at the local community level. And certainly, the issues our Green Warriors care about cross all aspects of sustainability and touch every part of our lives. Sustainability, of course, is no longer just about saving the planet, as we’ve all learned over the past year.

While you may not be familiar with all of them (yet!), we believe they are truly changing the game. The environmental and social impact of their actions has rippled across the world. Our philosophy has always been to take #LittleGreenSteps to #LiveMoreConsciously, and this is something our Green Warriors actively practice while empowering others to do the same.

The theme for this year’s shoot was “The Intimacy of the Soul” where we celebrate the authenticity of our warriors in their own environment. With the current state of the world, we pushed the boundaries of our creativity and used digital tools to capture our warriors intimately in their homes, their safe spaces, their world.

We collaborated with two very talented photographers, Olivier Yoan and Nicoline Aagesen, based in Europe, who shot our warriors all around the world via their phones. Alongside his commercials and stunning shoots, for Net a Porter, Jimmy Choo or Roger Vivier, Olivier Yoan co-founded The Ené, a media platform that curates positive brands and retailers. Nicoline Aagesen brings her solar energy and makes the world sexier through her community of artists, My Camera My Rules, who have joined forces to make an outlet for art and all creative endeavours.

Each of the incredible humans you are about to meet are changing the world for the better with their daily work and influence. We have a lot to learn and share from them. Join us in taking the time to appreciate their efforts and drawing inspiration to continue your green journey with #littlegreensteps.


Running low on inspiration because of the global pandemic? Feeling like nothing's changing and the world's against you?

For decolonising fashion and speaking up for labour rights Aditi Mayer is a familiar name if you’ve been around

For speaking truth to power on all things fast fashion and more Aja Barber is a well-known vocal critic

For empowering people to make a difference, from inside to out, and refilling instead of consuming Alexandre Tsuk is

For passionately advocating for shark conservation and against shark product consumption Andrea Richey used to be a legal recruiter

For leading the way on incorporating the addressing of economic and social injustice in the climate fight Having tirelessly

For being a hands-on expert on all things clean energy Assaad Razzouk is a Singapore-based Lebanese-British renewable energy entrepreneur

For bringing us closer to sustainable futures, one tangible solution at a time Have you ever skied 1000km over

For modelling sustainable tourism and local community empowerment Billie and Ann Dumaliang are sisters who you’ll most likely find

For inspiring communities towards living more sustainably, through the power of music (and partying) Vivie-ann Bakos, better known as

For driving the world towards a regenerative future through effective climate solutions for people and planet Chad Frischmann is

For empowering individuals to embark on the dual journey of inner and outer transformation Christabel Reed is the co-founder

For empowering the everyday individual to hold corporations and governments accountable Ingmar Rentzhog is a serial entrepreneur with experience

For showing us how to live in harmony with the Earth & rethinking our economy to be regenerative Like

For creating a safe and accessible space on the internet for environmental education When you talk about accessible environmental

For his work in changing the world in the most unexpected ways Jack Sim is a Singaporean-born man who

For building towards more a sustainable world, one blueprint at a time How do we build back better? Literally—that’s

For inspiring us to change how we see wellness, and for platforming voices towards just and regenerative futures Kamea

For modelling the way in giving back, across everything she touches Katrina Razon is a woman who wears many

For making fashion more circular, through her pioneering work in the digitalisation space Kuo ShihYun is a pioneer in

For pioneering the SLOW movement in Hong Kong "Organic food ain't supposed to taste so good!" is the tongue-in-cheek

For changing the game in sustainability with design Leyla Acaroglu is a sociologist, sustainability expert and designer: she combines

For wearing many hats and carrying sustainability through to food-making and film-making Malcolm Wood is a familiar name for

For innovating businesses and finance for good, towards sustainable development Mayur Singh is a firm believer in sustainable development

For creating a platform that empowers entrepreneurs and everyday people to take climate action Nicolas Sabatier and Coline Debayle

For bridging art and culture with impact   If you’ve ever tried to Google “sustainable music festival” in Asia, chances

For pioneering artisanal fashion and driving change beyond textiles Renyung Ho is a familiar name in the ethical fashion

For making plant-based news and living accessible for all If you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or considering to be

For tirelessly working to mainstream sustainable fashion and design The sustainability conversation in fashion has been around for what

For pioneering cell-based meats in Asia and the world What does biotech and stem cells have to do with

For building and visioning towards better futures through Extinction Rebellion Skeena Rathor is a trauma therapist, body and brain

For revolutionary change-making through entrepreneurship, consciousness-raising and citizen-building Swaady Martin is the kind of woman that we think of

For rising to the challenge of sustainability through making and building Maker institutions Veerappan Swaminathan is a pioneer of