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Hosted by the Singapore Sustainability Academy, Sustainable Fashion 2.0: The Great Reveal featured a thrilling and enlightening discussion, led by the much-awaited unveiling of Fashion Pulpit's Inside Our Wardrobe survey. Green Is The New Black covered the talkshow to learn

Frontline communities around the world are paying the ultimate price of a climate crisis. A crisis that they did not create. Leaders of small island nations, facing perilous sea-level rise, have been calling on wealthy nations to pay their fair

Two years after the #DefundThePolice uprisings, Atlanta's forests are under threat. 400 acres (that's equivalent to 400 football fields) of the city's forest is being cleared to build a massive police training center. Here's how you can help the communities

In 2019, Finland's then left-leaning government pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035. And in a historic vote last week, the country's parliament voted to commit to carbon negativity by 2040. Let's dive into the world's most ambitious

Are you looking for a participatory learning experience about how to create a new way of living with low environmental impact and high quality of life, bringing together the four areas of regeneration: social, ecological, economic, and culture/worldview? Then this

A recent Guardian investigation finds that major oil and gas companies are quietly planning 195 projects ("carbon bombs") that could trigger catastrophic climate breakdown.  A study, led by Kjell Kühne (Geography), published in the journal Energy Policy, found that just a

5 June is World Environment Day, as designated by the United Nations, and this year is its 50th anniversary. 50 years: that's how long the world has been celebrating the environment and advocating for its preservation. Have we made any

“It’s time for urgent action,” the Stockholm+50 website reads. Convened by the United Nations General Assembly, which is the UN's main policy-making organ, this meeting will see heads of states, diplomats, businesses and civil society leaders from all across the