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Author: Hannah Nicholl

About The Author

Singaporean-based Brit Hannah has lived in Asia for four years and works in marketing and communications. She's passionate about sustainability, particularly the new models and technological innovations that are driving change. She spends her time exploring the region and learning more about the environmental issues affecting people on the ground.

Hannah Nicholl, our resident travel contributor, is currently globetrotting the world taking in some of the worlds most spectacular sites. This time, she heads to New Zealand and while there, she visits all the snow-capped mountain ranges and aquamarine lakes

Travel writer Hannah Nicholl has just embarked on a year-long sabbatical in which she’ll explore some of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. Lucky for us, she’ll be writing about her experiences for Green Is The New Black. Her first

From autonomous robots to AI-powered exploration – leaders from some of the biggest players in the tech scene rubbed shoulders with the most exciting start-ups in Asia at the RISE Tech Conference in Hong Kong last week. Naturally, we would never

Personalised gifts are the perfect present if you're looking to show care, consideration, and thoughtfulness – so why are they so damn hard to find in Asia? Amy Read from Gifts Less Ordinary saw there was a gap in the market

Supplements, are they a fact or a fad? Does natural mean better or safer? Why isn't my body absorbing ingredients? It feels like every week there is talk of a new active ingredient that’s going to change our lives. From fad diets