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Welcome to the good fight. You know, the one to save people and the planet. We’re glad that you are here and are ready to take action. 

We get it: it’s easy to feel pessimistic when faced with the facts and reality of the world we live in. But we are optimistic that individual action can make a transformative collective impact. Even the UN agrees; through The Anatomy of Action it proves that individual micro-actions collectively contribute to macro-changes. You see, together, we can solve the climate crisis.

And landing on this page is hopefully the first of many #LittleGreenSteps you’ll take on your journey towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle. We hope you’ll use our handy guides to help make high-impact, easy to implement life changes. Simply click on each theme to find useful resources, thought-provoking articles, fun videos, practical information, and lots of #LittleGreenSteps for you to take immediate action.


While we have your attention.. help us plant a forest!

While forests are burning all around the world, we need to understand that not only do trees provide us with the oxygen we breathe, but they also keep CO2 out of the atmosphere. With that in mind, we’ve decided to plant multiple forests (we’ve already planted 1000 trees!), and you can join us. Your contribution will help us reforest a small slice of the Philippines.



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