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Author: Qiyun Woo

About The Author

An environmentalist, avid baker, and a dreamer with a goal to open the world of conscious living and responsible consumerism to Singaporeans and hopefully the rest of the world! She’s currently an undergraduate who’s hungry for an exciting adventure - or mostly just hungry. She hopes that by the time she graduates, she can help herself and her community leave green footsteps on this Earth we call home. 

With our world leaders at the COP24, the world's fate lies in their hands whether they like it or not. But hey, that doesn't mean we can't do our part. Check out the latest news on what's happening about sustainability

The Green Collective is a collective of inspiring eco-bosses who are here to connect consumers with people doing good green things. An eco-friendly lifestyle store helping you to go plastic-free, zero waste and greener with your fashion choices. Check out this

Diving into Virtual Reality (VR) and seeing posters plastered all over your morning commute? Our world is getting bolder, crazier and closer than ever. And we absolutely love it. Check out the latest news on sustainability happening around the world today!   1.

We often feel untouched by the problems of others and by global issues like climate change, but these artists are going to change that. Once you enter our festival, be prepared for a series of amazing pieces that will tickle

From eating plastic to beating plastic, our environmental problems are worsening; but more people are finally waking up to face reality. Check out the hottest news in sustainability in this week's round up of the region and the world's environmental news!   1.

Food waste is a huge problem and our growing affluence isn't helping. With one-third of our global food production going to waste, it just doesn't make any economical sense. So what are we to do? Maxime Pourrat, Managing Director of

From high school drop out to sustainable fashion entrepreneur, Boryana Uzunova from Kouture Kapsule shares with us her story. Kouture Kapsule has been lauded for being game-changing and meaningful fashion movement in Hong Kong. They curate eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, while

Malaysia is leading the charge for ASEAN on banning single-use plastics and a 15-year-old is making a change because adults aren't. Our world is in shambles but with more people speaking out, change is gaining momentum. Big changes are afoot in

A whole city is going vegan for a day, the Impossible Burger is here to tickle your taste buds with their plant-based burgers that taste too real, and rental "shopping" might just take over the fast-fashion industry. Plant-based food and fashion