Welcome on the website of Elsewear, a Dutch initiative to promote the most dominant fashion trend of our time: "Green is the new Black". Green refers to environmentally friendly materials, clean production processes and good labour practices in the textile industry. Black has always been the most popular fashion color.


We are inactive for an undefined period, as all our attention currently goes to the Rank a Brand project. Rank a Brand is a global internet concept to make quick ratings of brands (not only apparel) on their social, environmental and transparency performance. We are so excited about this!

The finished Elsewear projects comprised the B2B newsportal 'Green is the new Black'; about companies, NGO's and consumers getting into the 'green' thing. The activities continue on the CSR Platform by FashionUnited.

Elsewear also finished the 'Clean & Unique' project, where we organized 5 platform events for starting and small fashion labels with 'green' ambitions. To better support their specific needs, we also founded the self sustaining Clean & Unique Association so the small companies can benefit from collective arrangements (for example, membership of the Fair Wear Foundation).


E-mail: info [at] elsewear.org
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